Britt Ashcraft portfolio here is the link to my portfolio. let me know how I can improve it, thanks.

Link doesn’t work…

thanks Yo. I think that it was the period at the end that was affecting it.


Nice work! Not much real feedback. I love the American Express packaging project. Great sketches and ideation pages, especially on the HP beam pro (I like how you show doodle thumbnails and then more refined sketches). I like the olo thing a lot too.

My only suggestions would be to consolidate small sets (it is kind of a pain to click into a set to see two slides) and maybe to integrate the sketch set into projects, or just not lead off with that as your first set, you’ve done a lot of great production work and that being the first set gives the first impression of just a skills folio until the viewer clicks in deeper. Also your lead photo of the Starbury 1 is not a sleek as some of the photos in the media materials… I’d photoshop it or use another photo.

Nice stuff!.. that Orange hotrod is sweet.