British graduate visiting San Francisco

Hi all, I am going to be visiting San Francisco in October for about 4 nights and would very much like to get involved in some design work/networking or really anything related to ID. I just wondered what any of you from this area or other areas could recommend for me wanting to get some contacts over there? It is obviously very difficult to move over there from another country to get employed especially with little experience so i’m really just hoping to meet some people and get chatting.

I haven’t got a lot of knowledge currently on that area and places to go hence why i’m looking in advance. I appreciate any help you can offer


I’m never been to SF, nor is this directly related to ID. But I know there’s a monthly Service Design Drinks and Service Design Thinks. If you time it well, it’d be well worth it I imagine.

The SF events section is pretty active: keep an eye out on that:

There is a ton to do, see design wise in SF, from museums, to shops, to just life. Lots of design firms in town and corporations down south in the burbs. Maybe do a search for SF portfolios on coroflot and start contacting designers.

That is the most up to date IDSA site I’ve seen in awhile! Only 2 months out of date! :wink:

The last I heard, Techshop SF will be opening the end of September. Maybe go visit, take a tour, ask for a job? I’d love to work there myself - so many machines/tools to mess around with.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions guy’s, I shall have a look at some of the websites and try to fit my dates into any events that are happening. I’m sure there is always ID stuff going on in SF somewhere

this is not design related, but is my favorite thing to do out there: get a bike, ride from the bay bridge toward the Golden Gate Bridge, get a burger at Liverpool Lil’s near the Palace of Fine Arts (one of the best burger places there), go over the GG and take the ferry back from either Salsalito or Tiberon. If you go to Tiberon, there’s a great dock bar called Sams right by the ferry too.

That used to be the standard crowd pleaser when I had friends out to visit SF + a favorite Sat morning leg stretch. I’m going back in about a month and am So looking forward to it…

@Travisimo: that indeed sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday and you can grab some snacks at the Saturday farmers market at the Ferry Building. There’s actually the bridge-to-bridge run on October 3rd. I did the run several years ago and I’ve always wanted to do it again but add a break mid-run at Fishermans Warf and have a nice dungenous crab lunch.

2nd on Lil’s!

There’s a bar down by the MOMA, across from the 11 Minna gallery actually, that’s pretty cool if you like vintage motorcycles… there’s about 40 of them hanging from the ceiling over the bar. Eddie Rickenbacker’s.

I just wandered in there randomly when I lived out there and was really surprised … it’s like a motorcycle museum!

If you have time, go to the DeYoung museum and the Academy of Science. Hayes Valley has some great shops as well. Definitely get to the top of one of the hills, Nob hill on California St, Russian Hill on Hyde St, Pacific Heights at the top of Fillmore st are a few good ones, just to get a view of the city and the bay from high up… bring your walking shoes…

Ah, memories. Never had any of the food, but I used to have a couple drinks there with a classmate of mine right before our large format photography class critiques at AAC down the street. If I recall, there are real Tiffany lamps chained to the bar.