WOW- these are crazy-just thought would post and get peoples opinions-

I really like the sole and the way that the upper flows with the sole. although I think alot of puma uppers are very simular. I like what puma is doing with there shoes. I wonder how these would look from a profile or worn? I would like to try them on to see…

“Footwear with fangs-- it was bound to happen. The Beisser, which translates to ‘Bites,’ is the latest little experiment from Puma. The upper is pretty clean, simple and snug. It’s mostly mesh and has a bit of a climbing shoe feel. Those molded rubber soles, however, are for only the fiercest of fashionista.”

500 pairs will be made and distributed to select retailers.

makes you want to push the limits-atleast for me-I enjoy seeing design break out of limits like this-I think is nice to see a sole take all the credit for a shoe-much like the shox and the new adidas with the computer chip-coming out mid march.

cool stuff being done-an excitng time for footwear design

++ link to above-

only 500 pair… probably didn’t grade the tool out to your big man size. I’m sure it was a cool looking sketch, but I got to see these in person to evaluate.

Actually they could have made a really cool turf spike or soccor boot, to bad it’s just a fashion excersize this way.

Agreed- I think these really do need a closer look, I am not sure how comfortable they would be. or balanced. But they look nice-Ye i would love to have seen the skecthes and the skecthes that got tossed that were apart of this proj. that never came through. I am seeing this alot with puma and some with nike a fashion designer working with the brand to create a shoe under there name-like helmut lang-or another designer and they will use more ezpensive materials sometimes like a snake skin or really give it there flare-but i am kinda upset too that these are just 500 pairs-probably just seen as a short run-

Ye i doubt they have a size 14-sukks actually two days ago went to pic up those puma’s with the swiss cheese looking heel and they didnt have my size-was upset-but saved 110-bucks-I liek those too-not so much to wear but to have around my desk to look at-kinda thing (hmm so maybe i might just buy-if i am never gonna wear them??)

wish i knew more puma designers-i wonder if they were designed in MA-or overseas-liek in germany-i believe puma is ran from germany? not sure tho-

hey you know me…(former puma designer)…they were done by a consultant named peter schmitt he’s austrian and has done lots for pooma over hte years including the mostro, sprint, cannon ball, etc. Nice stuff but he doesnt know jack about performance or ease of manufacturing. I remember those bessiers and a few others in the collection from when iw as there, they were all inspired by marvel comics characters int he beginning.

I know ya darin-love what is going on at puma. yes I agree when i first say them it really looked like they would perform very well, but a nice looking fashion shoe.

I would love to see some sketches if you had of work already on shelves-- I really like the shoes that you had on youe link.

hope all is well-

i dont have any sketches scanned in…just the stuff on my coroflot and portfolios…i have hundreds and hundreds of pages of sketches in my closet and dont know that i will ever scann them in but i will try to update some stuff on my coroflot site soon.

Be good

Jiggy- Just curious…do you have a industrial design degree?

I dont have a degree in id-wish I did sometimes :slight_smile:

I think undsterstanding performance and production grows with your continuing involvemnt in assignmemnts/projects. Does this guy get better as he as designed more shoes? i guess by looking at the shoe above it kinda asnwers my question—hmmm

has ANYONE seen these and held them and tried them on?? or does anyone know where I can see a profile view?


I sure do! from the lovely wentworth institute of technology in boston.

Jiggy- thanks for the response.

Are there any skills which you have learned on the job and but didn’t learn in school? I’m going to graduate with an accessories design degree next year and since I won’t have product design training i want to learn whatever it is they don’t teach ID students…

I see you work at sperry…how much design freedom do you have? do you know whether they need an intern for the summer? Thanks.


There are certainly skills you learn on the job that werent taugh to me in school…in fact most everything. We might be interested in an intern for the summer…PM me at darin.hager@striderite and we can chat.


Jiggy- I sent you an email…if it didn’t go through let me


Jiggy-i’m not able to PM you because I can’t log in anymore…perhaps my account expired because it was inactive for too long…I’m not sure. I tried to email you at but it was sent back…how can I contact you.

14, wow that’s a big foot Mark! I would have to agree with your first comments on the shoe, this is definitely a winner for its sole, I was disappointed by the upper, the congruity between sole and the black wrap on top is good, however the mesh confuses me. The sole seems substantial, aggressive, even bulky (all good); however there is a paradoxical lightness to the upper that I don’t know if I like, plus, I have a pair of Pumas with mesh uppers and I’m not crazy about them.

A question: does anyone mold upper and sole together? Is this feasible, for example if the upper was formed and then the sole molded onto it with the wrap as a sort of rubber exoskeleton?

That’s one thing that pisses me off about Puma’s (I’m a 13.5.)
They still haven’t figured the US market out–we’ve got big feet!

cq-we gotta kick some ass-start somthing-cuz I like some of there shoes enough to buy them-and a couple at that-but the sizes-but sometimes i can fit into there 13;s-not that comfortable but take it.

Thomas-i believe nike did sometging on thick…the flight comosites-nike did them–I will look for it online-Yo will kno-and ohers-