Brief case

Looking for a new brief case any leads?

What style? I’ve had my eye on this for a while, though it’s not exactly a briefcase, and I’m guessing below your price range:

If you want a real briefcase there is only one option. Rimowa aluminium. You’ll feel like James Bond walking around with a million dollars or a gun in it.


I got a Booq bag as a gift and really enjoy it (although it seems they might be Mac specific, I’m not sure). I have the messenger bag but there are also briefcases:

two words, Jack Spade:

I like these

Nice thread, as of yesterday I ordered 2 of the last Marc’oPolo Larsson messenger bags:

Just love that bag. I had my current one, which was gifted to me, for about 5 years and it
has frayed a little at the edges. But this just is MY BAG!


BEAVERS!!! ROOTS!!! Canada eh…

And the leather still smells luscious years down the line!

Nava Design

Thought we had a winner there IAB, untill i looked to the right and literally said Doh! out loud.

Italian leather ain’t cheap.

And it may not even be from Italy.