Breathable waterproof plastic

I’m looking for a breathable and waterproof plastic that would be soft enough for a glove. Any ideas?

Heres the full lineup from invista, the fabric arm of Dupont.
I think almost all of these can be coated in teflon fabric protection.

The first thing that comes to mind would be teflon coated polyester microfiber,
kind of like the stuff thats used on the performance fleece jackets.

not sure if polyester is what you mean by plastic.

I’m also looking for a material that could be used on the glove that would allow it to resist chemicals.

I was recently e-mailed info about this product which I have attached below. i don’t know much more about it though. Please let me know if you learn more about it.


Stomatex is a material which replicates the way that the leaves of plants transpire, made from thermo-insulating closed-cell foam materials such as Neoprene. It is used in the manufacture of garments and appliances where warmth and/or support may be a deciding factor but where comfort may be compromised by the unacceptable build-up of heat and perspiration in traditional closed-cell foam materials.

Stomatex is a high-performance fabric made from a lightweight, ultra-thin, non-porous polyester membrane that is weatherproof and highly breathable. Stomatex uses a pattern of dome-shaped vapour chambers, each with a tiny pore in the centre. While resting, excess body heat and perspiration rise into the dome-shaped chambers and exit through the tiny pores at a controlled rate. The chambers flex and stretch with each movement of the body, causing excess heat and perspiration to be pumped out of the small pores. This also allows cooler, drier air to enter from the outside. The unique pumping action of the vapour chambers increases and decreases with the user’s level of physical activity. Stomatex is the only material that can maintain a perfect microclimate between the skin and the fabric at any level of physical activity, allowing it to be worn for long periods of time without overheating.

Stomatex has applications in many areas and industries, including sports & recreation, healthcare & therapy, footware, horticulture, fashion, etc.

Why not gore-tex? Or some other companies version?