Bread and Butter Berlin

anyone here going to BBB this weekend?

it would be interesting to hook up for a drink or something at the show.

reply here or email me.


i’ve never been to bread and butter or berlin and have always wanted to go cos i love those kind of tradeshows and i hear berlin is cool, but being in the dress shoe business my boss doesn’t consider it useful, so today i was seriously considering paying for the whole trip at my own expenses…is it really worth it? will i get totally ripped off if i book flight and hotel now?

the show is great. in my opinion its the best tradeshow around. ive been to GDS before and heard lots of ISPO and WSA, but for sure the vibe, people, brands and product are much more interesting at BBB.

Less old business guys in suits, and more young, cool, real people.

For sure i would guess that by now it would be almost impossible to get a hotel in berlin knowing how busy it gets, and accreditation at BBB is very difficult, so for this season I would say forget it, but look into it next time in July.

BTW- ill be posting lots of pics of BBB on my blog,First Pullover next week, so check it out there and see what you think!



without having been i can imagine it being the best from all i’ve heard about it. pitti uomo use to be like that but now that’s just getting boring and monotonous.

i will definately plan ahead for the next one.

i saw your blog page the other day…interesting things you’ve got on there!

If you live in Europe you can probably go for the day, easily - I went to Bread and Butter Barcelona last week and did it in a day. I’d like to know how it goes, I don’t have the budget to go to both shows and I heard that UK buyers were returning to the Berlin show. The Barca show was busy,but we noticed no one seemed to have much budget to spend!

I don’t go to GDS anymore - it was dead last time - only go to MICAM now.

If you do dress shoes, it’s not that great, but the Mitte area of Berlin has brilliant shoe shops.

definitely go! Not only to the tradeshow itself but there are tons of stuff happening around berlin as well. Make sure you take a look at them as well.
Oh and there are tons of parties :sunglasses:
The ticket to the tradeshow is like 30 euros, so you might want to get that back from your boss…