I would like to know if anyone has worked in an office where a really cool crew of experienced older designers created a very succesful brand. Then, the oder designers retire/get fired and all that’s left are the bottom feeders taking credit for all the experise of the retired guys…and no one knows any better… (Press included)

All thats left designing for the brand are janitor level designers maintaining the brand…not experienced gentlemen with strategic vision. Why don’t the older guys step up; it’s a matter of principle.

What gives?

…many my age find that they are making too much money for “the market” to bear and have to go independent, do something else, or retire…after 30+ years many opt for something less stressful and once they are done with id they are done and they never look back…perhaps it is too painful and perhaps it is a matter of principle…but not the same principle you have in mind.