branding your studio...

Hi All,

There’s been recently much discussion about how to brand yourself as a freelancer or starting a design studio/consultancy.

FWIW, I thought I’d throw out there some alternative studio names I came up with when I was looking to start my studio 3 or so years ago… I also have some initial concepts for identity design I’ll share later once I pull all the files from the archives.

In my own case, I was looking for something unique, recognizable and a bit different than the usual Your Name + Design Studios, or Random Word + Design, plus had googleability (though did include those obvious ones initially just to cover all the ground possible). I was also pulling from the title I had been personally using for a while (and still do) “Directive Creator” as a mashup of “Creative Director”, but flipped so it was clear I’m actually producing creative work with a high level of strategy/direction and oversight, not just directing others to do the work (as most CD’s do).

Anyhow, for fun and discussion, here’s the initial list I was working from.

  • Richard Kuchinsky Design
    R & K
    R & K Studios
    R & K Group
    Richard, Inc.
    Richard Group
    Richard Kuchinsky Group
    Rich & Associates
    Richard & Associates
    Richard Kuchinsky & Associates
    Directive Creation
    Directive Creator & Associates
    Directive Creator Design Group
    The Directive Creator Group
    Directive Collective
    Collective Directive Design
    The Collective Directive
    The Directive Collective
    The Directive Creator
    Directive Creative
    Rich & You
    Rich & I
    Richard & I
    Rich & Me
    Richard & Me
    Richard & You
    You & Me Rich
    Rich & New
    Richard & New
    Creation Directive
    273 (size 9 last length)
    273 Design
    The Rich & The Good
    The Rich Directive
    Sole & Upper
    Sole Directive
    Studio Directive
    Pink Design
    Inc. Inc.
    Pink, Inc.
    Greative Creative
    Design Whore
    Shoe Whore
    Great Create
    Directive Projective
    Directive Prospective
    Directive Perspective
    Directive Detective
    Creative Projective
    Perspective Detective
    Obsessive Directive
    Obsessive Perspective Directive
    Obsessive Perspective Collective
    Obsessive Collective
    Collective Unconsciousness
    Unconscious Collective
    Dissociative Collective
    Creative Collective

Thoughts, comments appreciated. I’d also love to hear how others have approached branding themselves or their studios accordingly.


PS. Don’t go stealing any of these :slight_smile: still might come back to them someday for another use.

I’m a big fan of the way you have branded your stuff, from Directive Creator, to Directive Collective, to First Pullover.

It avoids both cliche’s of the name, and the one word name that was big 10 years ago. I also love alot of the one word name studios, it’s just most of the good one word options are now taken! Astro, Lunar, Eleven (which I love as play on wanting to turn it up louder than 10), Altitude, and so on (Evo)

I went with the name because I have always been a geek for the Teague, Dreyfuss, Loewy era, and it is not my primary thing, so it really is just me.

I’m not sure why, but I really like “Richard & I”

I’m glad you avoided Random Word + Design. Kind of a cop-out to me in most cases, unless it has really significant meaning.

Creation Directive seemed to pop out to me the most, like there’s something compelling or requiring creativity.
Also, when you think about it, it’s also combining two opposites, creativity I’d consider as a “soft” concept, while a directive is concrete.

At the same time, there’s something about it that I don’t like, and I can’t quite describe it.

That’s a fun list to read, and interesting to see what kinds of things you were thinking when you crafted you company. I’ve admired your self branding for a while too. Thanks for sharing

I especially like the ones that were a little too much… “obsessive perspective directive” and “design whore” pop out :wink:

Your thinking on your company name, like when you shared pics of your office, makes me want to take some time and re-think the way I present myself.

I think the name should reflect what the company does.

Say for instance mine is refining user experience design, making products easier to use, so i use the term frustration free.
If your creating footwear or similar then walking design (or similar brain farts) would be a nice wholesome, easily remembered name.

I got this from the age old addage of “greg and sons engineering co” as the purpose of the company is in the name, Jeffs Electrical (wonder what he does there) Willy’s plumber. It may seem obvious but if its worked for hundreds of years, it should offer something more than WFWERGEFON Design, where you aren’t looking for that super-rich customer who thinks design is some mystical entity created out of the 80’s and costs a million pounds a second for a rendering.