branding of office

how we can do branding of the office?
what we can use other than posters, lighting,etc?

i dont think i understand your question?

branding your office? lighting?

what i meant is i need to do interior design of corprate office.
where i need to design reception area, and all empty walls of the office.
what all i can use to the decorate office.
i thought of paintings, lighting, posters defining corporate identity of the company.
what else i can use? any new materials or technology


…you could use materials relevant to the company/products as wall coverings, flat visuals or sculptures…stainless steel…perforated metal…fire…water…i c boards or other components…keep it abstract and try to avoid product displays per se…try to keep lighting on the soft side…

Years ago, and i mean YEARS age, I interviewed with the Dodge Truck Interiors Division.

I can’t remember the manager’s name, but his office was appointed with corrugated cardboard. Whoever did it used brown and gray markers and airbrush to add “raised panel” effects. The lighting was those cheap “clip-on” spotlights (with the shades painted) and dimmer-switches.

Having just walked down miles of fluorescent illuminated halls to get to his office it had very calming affect.

I’m not suggesting that you use cardboard, just that there are as many ways and materials to use as you can think of.

thank you guys for your ideas. its very helpfull for me.