Branding Help

Hi all,

I need some help coming up with a company name. I have a background in Architecture, and I’m now designing and trying to sell shoes. I need a brand name :slight_smile:

I am trying to give the brand a minimal, design-forward, sophisticated feel. The designs are similar to brands like COS, & other stories, REFORMATION, acne studios etc. I’m manufacturing ethically and giving 10% to a worthy cause.

I would like the brand name to be a little post-modern, with a reference to architecture. I really like the name “Founding”, because it refers to ‘foundation’, which is like a foundation to the body, and it also alludes to ‘founding/funding’ good causes.

I’m very stuck, can anyone please give me any feedback if you heard this brand name, would it appeal to you at all?

You should think about hiring a branding firm. Check out:

I think “Founding” could work, especially because you already have a bit of a story to go with it. But SEO might not be great.

Yeah, don’t crowd source your name. Not a good start to business.

Thanks Brian. I guess if people search for “founding” followed by “shoes” it will be okay. and the domain would have to be founding’studio’ or founding’store’.

I found it unbelievably difficult to come up with a name that has an available domain. And after a while you just can’t think straight anymore…

Is this crowd sourcing? Do you think it’s a bad idea? how come?

Branding should be a strategic process. Pretty difficult to do it based on a few words…

I’ve done branding for several footwear and other brands. Feel free toor PM me if interested.


And yet you felt compelled to post something utterly and completely useless !!! If you can’t add something to the conversation – don’t post.


I really appreciate your thoughts! Yes, ‘Founding’ is a good name to me. If you are still in need of selecting a brand and domain name, then here are few things that you should check when considering a domain name:

  1. User Perspective: Your brand/domain name needs to be easy to read, easy to remember, and easy to say.

  2. Brand Perspective: It is better to have the brand name as domain name. The domain needs the right extension and uniqueness.

  3. SEO Perspective:

If you are selecting a brand name that doesn’t describe your products at all, then go with it as long as it is unique.
If you selecting or seeking a name that will focus on products too with the intent of unique branding then you should care about relevance and search terms (only seed keywords like Brandname+shoes).
It is not good to use EMD. also, you can consult an SEO company (like or any other qualified SEO companies) if you need to know more SEO for selecting an SEO friendly domains. My recommendation is to go with just a unique brand name.

  1. Legal Perspective- It is a wise step if you think about the copyright & trademark at the beginning. It will secure your future steps in branding and networking. Just go to the sites that provide data on exists trademarks and copyright information like copyright[.]gov and others and confirm you are using a unique brand name.



+All that was said above

Crowdsourcing IMO is only good for initial brainstorming rounds to explore the scope of options.

To have a story, start with the product! Make sure that people love the shoes, and will remain loyal to your shoes for good reasons.
Many brands you describe as post-modern have great appeal but do not provide the sustainable value to get customers to stick with your brand.
I agree the best thing is to either go in-depth developing your own brand if you have the resources, or go to a branding firm preferably one that knows the fashion business.

For me, Founding is a good and recognizable name that sticks. You can always transmute it to something like Foundin’ (url, Found’d or FOUND3D.

Other ideas/directions - consoles, Tensio (url, Pose/s’pose, Smool, Stratch, Touch, Raak (means touch in Dutch)

Founding is a far better brand name then funding for your “shoe” business. You need to work on finding a suitable domain name for a good start. Get a website developed and promote your products on Social media as well.