Branding Conferences?


I am curious to know if there are any good branding/brand management conferences out there? I found FUSE ( but not much else. I searched the forum and most of the mentions for the conferences are for the IDSA, etc…

I’d appreciate any tips. Thanks!


All the big branding agencies in London sent people to the DMI conference here in Sept. DMI is focused on design management, but they have a wealth of information on the combination of branding and design.

that’d be a good bet for general brand management, especially if the conference focus is brand related

I’ve read about DMI and it does sound quite interesting. Thanks.

Anybody else have suggestions - can be domestic(usa) or abroad.

much appreciated!


Fuse and DMI are probably the best. There are smaller conferences, like Brand Packaging. Check out They normally post this kind of information.

Thanks. Didn’t think of the Will check it out.


The BrandChannel has a long list,

The AMA has theirs,