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So with all the hype that I started around IDSA you can only imagine that a few of them were interested in speaking with me, one of which was Warren Ginn. Warren and I had a pretty lengthy discussion on the phone around many different topics, but one of them was the creation of a Packaging, POP/POS, and Retail Branding Professional Interest Section with in IDSA.

The IDSA Professional Interest Sections address the specific interests of like-minded members acknowledges the fact that we as industrial designers engage in an extremely wide range of market areas and expertise. For many of the Sections, their representatives act as “ambassadors” of the industrial designer within their specific area of interest by participating in events held by other organizations or arranging joint events to facilitate more effective networking and collaboration.

In order for us to create this section we would need at least 20 people interested. I personally feel that Branding, Packaging, Display and other aspect of retail design are extremely under-representative and an organization like IDSA could really help out with getting better education and representation for these fields. It would also provide opportunity for us to get together, create pod casts, web cast and really turn it into whatever we want.

If you are interested or have any questions please let me know.

Justin - This is a great idea and I’m thrilled to hear you are heading it up!
Let me know how I can help in any way.
Kerstin Strom
IDSA Ecodesign Section Chair

Kerstin!!! Great to see you up here on the boards. I will let you know how you can help out when we get this rolling.

Hey Justin,

As we’ve been talking, a Packaging/Branding/POP Section is long overdue. There are so many IDs out there that do this kind of work. We have a Collaborative Environments (Exhibits) Sections where IDs get involved in design, branding, architecture, graphics, materials, etc… It’s kinda the same way with packaging design. There’s so many cool products out there on the shelves (sometimes it IS the shelves) where IDs make a significant contribution to the consumer’s experience.

In addition, this is one of those areas where there can be collaboration between IDSA and organizations like AIGA. Plus, Kerstin, who Chairs the EcoDesign Section is another good collaborator as we know many in the packaging area are looking for more sustainable packaging solutions and innovative designs.

I really appreciate you taking this on and look forward to hearing from other designers out there interesting in the Section.



I’d actually give strong consideration to re-joining IDSA if there was something like this! Who am I kidding - I’d join…

Great to hear!! I am hoping that we can really get better and more visibility to this fairly large part of ID.

I think this is a fabulous idea. Please let me know how I can help!

Win-In Store Manager
Mars Chocolate NA

Thanks Rachael. We can do a bit of brainstorming on what the content could be. Thanks for your input.

I just wanted to ping this up agian to see if there were others. I know there are plenty of us out there.

Just seeing this now. I would be interested and I know a member of IDSA that would also be interested. He doesn’t come on these boards though.


Thanks for the interset!! I have a meeting with the VP at Kaleidoscope next week to figure out how we are going to structure this and what we have to offer to the community. I will let everyone know what we come up. I am hoping to have something structured by the end of the year. Right now I need 20 people to be interseted and I have around 15 (kind of sad given the size of our field).

I too, am interested.

If you guys could PM me with you names and where you work I can add you to our list.

I’d be interested, though I’m in the UK… probably wouldn’t join the IDSA from here either, but let me know if I can help

It has been a while scenes I posted this, but we are finally very close to get this up and going!! I still need a few more people to get it going. Anyone else interested? I think this could be a great opportunity for our small under represented area of ID.

I will also need to know if you are a current IDSA member. Thanks!!

No ones interested? Sigh…

I’m still interested :wink: (… just that the IDSA membership could be a sticky point)

Thanks Travis!! I would love for you to join, unfortunately I have to restrict to IDSA members.

I am a bit frustrated as everyone I talk to sees the value of this, but no one wants to participate, or they are not IDSA members. We need representation and elevation of our VERY under represented area of ID!!

To all you Packaging, POP, Retail, Environmental designers, etc… Can you imagine how great it would be to have awareness around what we do? What about educating students so when they come out of school and get jobs in one of our firms they have a bit of a background on branding, or how products are packaged, or how people shop and navigate stores?

This is needed!!! Regardless of what some may think of the over all value of IDSA, we have a chance to provide a service to our field and specialization. Lets take advantage of it!!!

Please if there is more of you out there that would like to join please reply or send me a not. If you do not want to reply to the board (if you are a lurker) drop me a note at


BUMP! I’ll be getting my IDSA membership for 2013. If this is still bumping around let me know what I can do.