brand vs corporate identity

what is the difference between brand and corporate identity?

Design programs and branding are methods for controlling corporate identity, one on the organizational level, the other on the product level.

The part of the company’s corporate identity that is visual is generally referred to as the visual identity. Part of a company’s visualy identity can be controlled by a desgin program. Through a design program, a company can inform what, who, how, etc about the company. A design program has some basic elements: trademarks (lettermark/picturemark), typefaces, colors.

When a trademark denotes a product, then it’s referred to as branding. A brand is a product including its trademark, its brand name, its reputation and the atmosphere built up around it.

corp id is more service related.the way the company does what it’s supposed to do. corp id is dealt with in the higher management level and is injected down to lower levels by micro managers. it’s the interior of a company.
brand deals mostly with the service or product 's market related values. it’s the exterior of the company.

I would define corporate ID as the organization’s look and feel. This includes item like the logo, business cards, letterhead, forms (fax, PO, invoice, etc.) and can be carried to collateral materials (brochures, direct mail, packaging, etc.) Larger companies will have corporate ID guidelines that control the usage of logos, colors, fonts, and other graphic guidelines (tracking, leading, etc.)

Brand identity is more strategic. Brand management controls the not only the look and feel of the brand (corporate, range or product level) but also includes tangible and intangible assets, functional and emotional benefits, of the company or product and what the company/product can deliver. Brand has been defined as the promise of the company’s/product’s value to the customer.

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