Brand mapping


I’m a student and would like to know a bit more about how people go about their mapping of the brand their working for and preferably their competition too to avoid brand value conflicts? Is it your personal interpretation of the brand or do you have a method?

Anyone who want to share?

…most clients have a pretty solid idea of what their brand means to the consumer and can give specific qualities they wish to express in their products, the target markets, and how their brand differs from the competition…


tell a good story. let the products be the characters. think about what makes a story interesting and translate that to the designs.


Thanks for your help, now I know a bit more and will make it easier with the next project.


‘Brand Mapping’ is actually a very detailed and in depth look at a company’s brand. There are different levels you can take it to, depending on your time/budget. The most extensive effort would audit and assess the leverage of a brand for it’s effectiveness. Take the example of Microsoft. They have many brands that span across the consumer and enterprise markets. All of which fall under the larger ‘umbrella’ of the microsoft brand.

Long story slightly shorter, it’s important you define and hone in on your use of the term ‘brand mapping’. It is a term used by marketing folks and if you use it in the way you described, you might get a funny look. This is part of the reason why ID’ers are looked upon as ‘non-essential’ --we don’t speak the same language as others in business world. When ID’ers say brand mapping, they might mean creating a trend board or ‘poster’ to get a feeling for how consumers see and experience the ‘brand look and feel’. But that is different from what brand mapping means to other business folks.

From your definition of what you are trying to do, you might be trying to assess or create a matrix of some sort to compare the traits present in the brands that are competitive to the one you are working for. This is basic competitive intelligence gathering, and is usually done by marketing and sales groups. ID can help though—

You might simply want to create a ‘user profile’ that fits your brand, and other differing profiles that fit the competition’s brands; to see what type of people you are marketing to-

clear as mud----