brand finally launched!

well, i’ve been a member of this discussion board for quite some time now. i finally developed my own brand!

thanks for all of the support years back when all i had were questions. x


Very cool that you are doing your own brand! Congratulations!


Interesting that you’re targetting solely women. On first glance they looked like dancing shoes for
the Pharell Williams kind of guy.

Goold luck with the venture!


Link is broken for me.


Congratulations! You have a good initial line up of shops in CA. That is huge. Really liking this style. I just followed on Instagram as well.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all of your responses and support! It’s definitely been a lot of work that I’ve done alone. Trying to get the word out there so thanks again!


Gave you a shout out on Instagram :slight_smile:

Any chance we could see some exclusive process? Any words of wisdom learned along the way? Would love to hear about the journey.

Hi Yo,

What would you consider “exclusive progress”? Please elaborate.

As for tips, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Ask me something!


B, process images, sketches, first pullovers… geeky stuff only other designers would love to see. :slight_smile:

Questions: pick and choose what you want to answer.
What inspired you to make your own line?
What was the biggest challenge?
What would you do differently looking back on it?
What surprised you the most from the experience?
Did you bring on financial partners?
Did you sell off futures or make and warehouse product and then sell?

Congrats!! Cool shoes too. The all black Eleanors are nice!