brand communication through cars

hello everyone,
we are doing a project in school , where one has to talk about brand communication through the meduim of cars.
for eg . compare the cars of the same segment by 2 manufacturers, and weigh their pros and cons.
compare how one outdoes the other , and if the manufacturer delivers the claims and promises made in the promotion strategy.
if the brand valus is communicated across the product consistently.
another challenge is to figure out why the American car manufacturers are not able to hold onto the consumer base , while some foreign car maufacturers have been able to increase their market share significantly over the yeas.

cam anyone pls give inputs , links ,blogs or articles they might think will be useful .


if they have to be new cars do a lincoln navigator and the Chinese Chery auto suv that is the exact same. If it is anycar ever use a 61 linc cont. and a 61 caddy’