Bradford University

Hi, I am studying Industrial Design at The University Of Bradford and I am currently in my third year. This link ( ) takes you to my module catalogue from which you can find details of each module by clicking the ‘D’. All my modules are from Major Design Project**
down. I was just wondering what you think about these modules, are they common? Personally I thought in my final year I would be doing projects, not this stuff, as I exceed in my design projects getting firsts and 2:1’s and this all brings my marks down to a low 2:2. Let me know what you think please.

im confused as to what you’re asking.

seems like some good courses, or “modules”,
especially the manufacturing and the engineering ones.

Sorry if it’s not clear. I have looked at other final year content in the UK, and the majority seems to made up mainly of:

• Major Project
• Managing Product Innovation
• Industrial Design
• Ergonomics
• Industrial Design Methods
• Future Design
• Industrial Design Technology
• Mechatronic and Air Systems Design
• Graphics
• Environmentally Sensitive Design
• Emerging Technology
• Ethics & Philosophy
• Major Project
• Minor Project
“The final year includes modules in conceptual design, competitions and a major project and dissertation.”

This stuff seems more interesting and not as much engineering. The department my course is in is engineering, and I was wondering whether the modules I take are similar to what others in ther final year of uni do? Just that the similar things to other courses we do such as the projects i gain high marks and the engineering stuff poor marks (not good) thus my final mark suffers, does everyone do as much exams and engineering or just people doing engineering?

When I was at Brunel I did Major Project, Managing Product Innovation, Environmentally Sensitive Design, Design for Manufacture and CAD Principles. I also went along often to the Future Design lectures because there were interesting guest speakers.
Of course a major project ends up incorporating elements from so many other courses into what you do - especially skills in Graphics and CAD/FEA, Electronics, workshop skills, programming, Ergonomics…

Overall I’d say looking at your list of options, they’re fairly heavily biased towards process engineering and management. That might not be a bad thing (you’ll be streets ahead compared to a designer with no knowledge of these areas) but I can see that it sounds dull, or at least not exciting.

In my case the ‘Managing Product Innovation’ and ‘Design for Manufacture’ were pretty similar to the kind of engineering/manufacturing/management modules on your course, from the look of it. At the time a lot of people really despised them, but after working for a while as a designer, I’ve ended up doing a masters in just this area, the kind of management/policy implications of technology and new product development, because it’s something that can dominate the way a company specifies new designs. Understanding it gives you an advantage. I hope!

Bradford University is a strange old place. I was asked to come in from SAlford Uni and do a 12 week session on conceptual drawing and marker rendering. I soon realised that your course at bradford if set out alot different from other Uni doing Industrial design. The course at Bradford seems to be more engineering and so designer. I think the main problem was the fact you only actually had one guy who was from industrial design background - dont know if ADE has sorted this problem yet or if his still trying to teach all three years.

Oh well Im sure Adrian Wise knows what his taking about. His great guy to have around and a master at CAD.

Good luck