Bracket Buster Shoe....

I would love some feedback…
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Shoes features:
Full grain/synthetic leather mix
Two straps to ensure stable fit (symbolize the final two teams)
60 ventilation holes (synthetic leather) arranged as such:
32 small holes
16 holes of the next size
8 holes of the next size
4 holes of the largest size
(this is to represent the winners in each round leading up to the Final Four)
Dynamic-Fit inner bootie
Midfoot shank plate for mid foot and arch suppot
Heel Air Max unit / Fore foot Zoom Air unit
TPU Heel chassis

forgive me for being so stricked…
revise your proportio, print out or open a file with a rendering or a real shoe you like and design on top of it… after some time you’ll be able to control the shape and proportion without having any refference… but not now.

color, use the color to comunicate your idea, materials, volumes, details…
all i see now 4 example are some circles… but are those holes, embossed parts…

makes sense?

Makes sense. I will see if coloring helps get the feeling across better. As for proportions. I did the design on top of a line art drawing I found at I thought it looked pretty close, guess not.

see if these help:

Try loosing up your sketch style and exploring 3,4,15 options while designing. Once you have your best one (or a combination of your best ones) draw it again tighter and then color that up.

Good link Yo. I like the rendering, I’d say put some pattern into the midsole, give it some colour and your ood to go. Maybe it ain’t absolutely right as in the portions, but it kinda looks like a boot this way.

hello passionate

I think I have the eye for harmony, basic function. thats why u deverve to push evry aspect of your talent far forward.

consider the crucial aspects of footwear:

the reading steps

once u visit a store, the shoe department, all u see from far are the color blocking and the silhouettes,

then getting closer u see the different materials, how those are implemented, the cosmetics etc…

then closer again see the details of studs lugs, the textures applied on eva on rubber the fine logo etc…

a piece of footwear is the result of those three major steps u can’ ignore if u want to join us one day.

silhouettes are proportions, as DD said work , work and work again your propoetrions from existing pictures, be the master of proportions. then u will blow us away with your growing maturity when inventing new proportions, u know what i am saying??

then choose the shoe u like best and redraw it, redraw everything, emboss deboss, stitching all the smaller aptects ur eyes can see

I know it sounds boring, but believe me, this is the only way to understand the footwear design complexity.

other important matter, go to the art supply, buy 5 units

05 pencil and 09 pencil with blue led in

black surligners 02

and maket it happen, the lighter your lines are… the bigger your drawing can sell

lets discuss later light and shadow…

hope it helps… a good day