BOXX Workstation Laptop

anyone have any experience with this company’s machines? they seems quite good, though a little pricey, and i wanted to query the field before i took the $3,500 plunge.

I bought a dual AMD system from them last month and it works perfectly. Fast as hell and it runs nearly silent. Couldn’t be happier. The cases are made from aluminum and steel with a perforated metal front.

In contrast a friend just bought a Dell XPS workstation and it is LOUD, LOUD, LOUD - sound like a jet warming up to take off from an aircraft carrier. The casing is also made from plastic, not as durable.

I am wondering the same thing- specifically about the lap tops. The Dual AMD descrbibed above is a workstation, correct?

this is mmjohns - sorry Im on another pc and I can’t log in for some reason.

Yes, I have a workstation but their laptops are equally good. I would buy a computer from them any day. They only build machines for doing high end design, audio, and video production. They know the industry very well.

Call this guy listed below, tell him that you heard of him through and are interested in a system. I think he might even be able to get you a slight discount. Or go to and search the forums for Boxx or Boxxtech. Tons of threads talking about it from people that do 3d modeling and rendering for a living. Its a favorite system among professionals.

Ed Caracappa
Director of Sales
BOXX Technologies

BoxxTech makes amazingly well built machines. Their support is top notch as well. The only things I would keep in mind are, they only offer a one year warenty on the laptops (hopefully you wouldn’t even need that) and the fact that dual core AMD notebooks are in the near future.