Boxing Footwear

I am currently looking into designing a boxing shoe but I am having a hard time finding problem’s to solve within the footwear. Not that there aren’t any I am just having a hard time finding specific foot related injuries; I have found some good information on head trauma though (go figure.)

I know the basic things to keep in mind; lightweight, breathable, low to the ground; but is there any other things I should keep in mind when designing this?

  • Like why does a boxing boot come so high up the leg?
  • Is there any common foot injuries in boxing?
  • What other major problems are there in the footwear?

Or if you have any other ideas on what could be improved on would be awesome.

I also wanted a boxer’s opinion so I have posted the same topic on a few boxing forums and contacted some trainers around my way. But I want some designers opinion also.

Also does anyone have a template or no exact heights of a boxing boot.

There are several boxing gyms around the area, including ones where top ranked fighters train. Id recommend swinging by one of those gyms. talk to the fighters that are around and maybe even sign up for a class. Im forever seeing FREE 1ST CLASS advertised in the Metro newspaper for boxing gyms. good luck to ya.

i just interviewed some boxers for some projects im working on, got about an hours worth of awesome info about some major strengths and weaknesses in their favourite boxing footwear.
i have a little plug-in mic thing for my ipod, can record 40+ hours of audio…

it was interesting stuff, let us know how you go.

this guys blog:

can be somewhat camp and disturbing, but he’s a boxing / wrestling footwear FIEND

Thanks for the website; I think I have seen some of his photo’s on flickr.

I have also been meeting with boxer’s around my area and visited a couple gyms. I put together a lot of research and I have now begun sketching. I will for surely keep you guys updated as it comes along.


I dunno if I could be of any assistance. I am an amateur boxer, and a designer, I can definitely tell you one thing that is a nightmare with boxing shoes is getting them laced up, I have ankle highs and they take a good while to lace up!!!

Raffi99; that is actually one of the key things I am focusing on. It seems to be a considerable problem in boxing and wrestling shoes.