bout time I got a new lapy

Whats the best graphics card for running Pro/E on a dell laptop?

and whats the best coolest dell laptop out at the moment? is that the Dell M6500? And Its hard for me to understand the difference between 6300 6400 and 6500 besides the one number is larger than the other. Is 6500 the only one offered?

NVIDIA Quadro FX 2700M, 512MB Discrete ??? < look like the budget version that came with the 6400

looks like they are all 1gig graphics cards?
1.0GB NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 3800M Graphics
1.0GB NVIDIA® Quadro® FX 2800M Graphics
1.0GB ATI® FirePro® M7740 Graphics

haven’t looked in a while, but usually with Dell, those numbers are basically the “year model” so to speak. The higher the number, the newer the model. If that’s not the case, take a look at processor speed and see if there is a difference.

Does it have to be a Dell? I’ve had some bad luck with them and have moved to HP based entirely on the customer service experience.

All the design engine computers are dell (which is the only real reason) with the exception of the Apple machines. I just got that good loving feeling with dell. Thanks for the input and Ill make a purchase today if I can.

In terms of video cards, I usually get the biggest fastest thing I can afford… usually seems to work great. I’ve had good luck with the Quadro series.

Prior to it getting stolen I had a Dell M6500 which was spec’d out really nice. Super solid build quality, obviously not fast enough, nothing ever is though. :slight_smile: Being a 17" laptop made it pretty big and heavy to get around. The power supply is huge too, prob 10x6x2"

As far as video - the higher # on the Quadro’s is the faster chipset. Depending on how demanding your video needs are (IE if you’re doing any hardware based rendering or similar) the faster chip will be a benefit.

I pulled the trigger on an M6500 with a 1 gig video card.

Nice. You probably won’t be disappointed.