Bouncing in China

Hey all you graphics!
I am working for a company where we design candy + toys in Denmark.
All our products are made in Hong Kong where 30 people are employed, but printed at different Chinese printers. My question is: Does anyone here know why we have to make Illustrator files for printing in HK? It is the only fileformat they will accept, which means that we have to export the files from Indesign to illustrator every time we have something we need printed…If anyone have had simular problems, do you know of any solution to this? And why? I don’t understand, I know they have these big old offset printers, but still you would expect them to have indesign/quark installed…The problem is, they only speak chinese and we are all danish designers here in DK. I hope someone have some idea about this - thank you!

maybe you should ask them if you can’t figure it out yourself.

it has nothing to do with Hong Kong.

because use that format in Hongkong and China is the cheap solution for quantity making and printing.Your boss also want to save money.That’s the answer I think.

If they only take Illustrator, i would imagine they could take compatible PDF workflow files.

Find out if they can, then the best thing to do is create the file in whatever you wish, export an EPS, and then use distiller to create your PDF.

Distiller is a fabulous tool that far to few people use.