In light of reduced projects in race kit design (all races are cancelled) and my spring goal race (Boston Marathon) being postponed after 16 weeks of training, I created my own opportunity to reimagine and roll the two together.

04/20/20 9:37am Boston Marathon race day
Solo 42.2k/26.2mi
22.8 loops
279m/916ft elevation
High Park, Toronto

Time trial marathon in less than ideal circumstances (solo, with hills on every loop, self supported fuel/hydration), completed in 3:00:32.

Made a logo and some concept race swag, just for fun. More on the event here: Richard Kuchinsky on Instagram: "BOSTORONTO Marathon. In the absence of options, even a bad idea is better than no idea at all. 3:00:32 42.2km 22.8 loops 279m 🆙 #runsolo ... Happy to close the marathon build with a good effort, even if not race circumstances. Thanks to @stridewiserunning @torunningchiro @collison_ohp for coaching. @ericofunlocked @unlockedfitnessandnutrition for nutrition. @therunnersacademy for maintenance. @blacktoerunning for gear. @endurance_tap for fuel. #mavericksruncrew for support. @parkermeredith @runsmilerepeat Pics. @runtobeer hydration. ... Mostly though, thankful to @n_forg for support even though it may have been not ideal, we are stronger as a family now I’m sure. And you know what I’m like if I’m NOT training! 😘 ... #BOSTORONTO #BOSTORONTOmarathon #marathon #bostonmarathon #marathonmonday #bostonmarathon2020 #run #running #runninginspiration #runningmotivation #runner"


Nice work! Achieved your goal (sort of), made great time, kept in shape, and added a creative element to up the ante. Seems like I should plan on other group runs/rides getting cancelled in the near future. But I’ll plan to do the ride solo when that happens.

Ya, I don’t see mass participation races anytime soon.



I did a 4-hour ride on Sunday. Nothing as swagged as your run though. I did use proper PPE at a quicky mart at the halfway point. I need my logo on the mask.


Nice work RK. Man, 22 laps must have felt ENDLESS.

Not sure what was worse. 22 laps or the 26.2mi

After 12 laps though I started to get a bit dizzy. I think I know what NASCAR drivers must feel like.


Dig the use of airport codes as city indicators on the hoodies. And damn, man, that’s an impressive run under any circumstances!

iab, dig that logo, too. Love the L’eroica feel of it (and accompanying aluminum bar mounted bottles on your real life ride, of course)

So after Boston cancelled the postponed September date and went for a virtual race, I decided to do this again.


New Swag.
Still 26.6mi.

This time I decided to make some physical products in addition to new branding that mostly moved away from leaning on the original BAA logo.

I’ve made a magic mug and a towel and may make some stickers just for fun.

I plan to run my marathon here in Toronto Sep 13.

Better Videos-



It came out really well on the towel, at least from what can be seen in the clip. Something about the moire on a non-geometric surface makes the eyeballs dance even more.

Wonderful work, I would love to see some cool sticker designs like you mentioned!

Beer (in concept).


And the actual “race”…

42.2km/26.2mi on a 4.5x out and back closed road (they’ve been closing it every weekend to allow people to physically distance run/walk/bike), in some crazy weather.

Solo and unsupported I set up my own “aid station” and glued up some signs and a finish line (spray glue FTW!). Was lucky enough to have a few friends with good cameras to capture the action.

Hope to make it to actual Boston some time in the future, if and when mass races are allowed, but not holding my breath it will be any time soon.

Was at least a race to remember and already thinking of some more branding and swag opportunities for the next one…


That’s some insane weather. Need a final photo of you sucking down a BOSTORONTO beer.
You are probably in the top 1% of fit designers, at least on Core77. You gonna share your time?
Our marketing/education manager did 3:20 yesterday on a Precor TRM700.

Weather was not great. I finished in 3:11. Not super happy with the results, and far from my 2:50 PR. While not indicative of my fitness I think, I’m not making any excuses. If a marathon is “easy” you are running too slow.

I’ve yet to “race” a marathon on a treadmill and don’t think I could imagine that, but I’ve done 37km long training runs on my Life Fitness T3 at home :wink:


Solo-anything is nuts, man. Much harder without others around for pace and motivation. No excuses, sure, but outstanding effort regardless.

Thanks, Slippy.

And BTW, I know there are few other running, running shoe designers out there, though surprisingly less than you would think!.. some definitely faster/fitter than me!

#realrunningshoedesignersrun ?