Boston MFA show of vintage auto design concept skethces

Any east coasters get to this:

Plan to go down there later today. I don’t think photography is allowed.

:laughing: no, I don’t think you can take pictures, but I bet the book for it is pretty good:

In Detroit institute of Arts you can only take pics of regular exhib. For special exhib, there’s copy right problem so they don’t allow you to take any. I shou;d call the Boston one then.

I don’t have a digital cam, and I don’t know about using my SLR cus indoor lighting requires tripod and flash is nasty.

"Photography and Video in the Galleries

Personal, non-commercial photography without flash or tripod is permitted in the permanent collections (not in special exhibitions). The use of flash or attachments, movie or video cameras is not permitted in the Museum without specific written permission from the Department of Rights and Licensing."


my bad, but the book is only 20 bucks…


Everyone wass using flash!!! I should have brought my camera!

The Ralph Lauren exhib is amazing, with some of the most significant cars on the planet.

Here are a few, can’t remember all the names:

Bugatti Type 59
Bugatti Atlantic (only 3 made)
Mercedes SSK
Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
Juguar XKD
Porsche 550 Sypder
Porsche 959!!!
Ferrari 250 GTO
Ferrari Testa Rossa
McLaren F1!!!

I WILL be going back to take pictures, even if it will cost $13 more.

On the future retro exhib, kinda disappointing. It’s merely a few pieces of work hung in around an opened space. I won’t call them amazing because I’ve seen better originals from the same era.

I don’t think the museum knew much about them. On the material list, they did not state Canson, marker. And for Guache, they merely said “opaque watercolor”. Many used chalk. Some used airbrush, none was mentioned. Since it’s at an opened space instead of destinated gallary, it was more like something they just put up to fill the walls. Could have done much better job.

One of my teachers brought his work from the late 60s early 70s to show us on the last day of class. That was much better than what I saw today.

that’s to0 bad, It’s a great idea for a museum show that I think a lot of people would be interested in seing, but they probably didn’t put enough time into from the sound of things. I ordered the book anyway, just to have it around.

I saw that show 3 times, some unbelieveable cars gonna go and see the sketches soon, I get in free because I go to Wentworth :smiley: P.S. I’ll post some sketches I did of the cars sometime

Can you get me free tickets too?

1 per ID, sorry budddyyyy