Bootleg software

If a design company has been using bootleg software for the past 4 years, what sort of response from the software vendor when they find out?

windows XP

Initially they may send a menacing letter that they have reason to believe you are using unlicensed software. They may even offer you a good introductory price to become legit. I know Microsoft was doing that with their “Genuine Advantage” program with home users. The user would try to download an update, a small program would detect that the OS had an illegitimate license and the user was presented with a website to buy a copy of XP at a reduced price.

On the higher end, if they want an example, they will sue you for as much as they can. Remember the record companies were suing people for $50,000 for downloading a couple songs.

I helped set up the company and it is with great regret I now need to walk away form something I helped build.

Based on other posts, it sounds more you have an axe to grind.

Deejay, revenge takes way too much time and energy, and leaves you with with nothing to show for it, but bitterness. Let it go, and move on. And soon.

And if, perhaps, you are denigrating your previous employer in the presence of your new clients, I would recommend against that too. It may feel good, but most people would see it as vindictive, even if they do not know the other person/company.

It’s all part of that high-road thing.

Man, I should have checked Deejay’s former posts. The Core-Boards get more like a soap opera everyday!

like sand through the hour glass…