Boot render

Hello my name is Jeffrey, I’m currently a junior ID student at SCAD. I’ll be posting a lot of my sketches/renders to get feed back and to make connections with industry professionals. First post! thanks

Hi res image:

Welcome. Check your proportions. Toe looks really long. Should be about half that.


you over all rendering needs a little work.

  1. better define the form with high lights - lightest lites against darkest darks
  2. give some dept to the stitching - using the deboss tool is PS is a qucik simple way or if you are using sketch book pro create a custom brush
  3. draw in form lines on a separate layer to help you visualize where you want your highlights and shadow

use reference material, here is a quick one i found that will help steer you in a direction

also don’t just have ref. samples of other people renderings in front of you have images or actual samples of the materials in front of you as well. Study and duplicate what you see.

That Puma sketch is pretty hot, who did that Chevis?

thanks everyone!

Not sure who did it YO, it was a random web search. But i agree very nice.

Tom Weightman (

Sure glad i didnt respond to YO with " what that thing i threw down some quick lines to use as a ref for this conversation" :wink:

reminds me of a time a designer responded with “you never asked if they where my designs you just asked if they where my sketches”