Boot Camp

Now that all the fuss is over with Apple using Intel, does anyone know how well it works? Ideally, I want to get a top-of-the-line IBook Pro (or whatever the heck it’s called now) and have BootCamp on it so I can run XP Pro for certain software (Rhino and 3D Studio Max come to mind.)

This is a serious question about Boot Camp. Not about the computer I plan to use or the modeling programs. I don’t want this turning into another PC vs. Mac thread. Just Boot Camp…

I’ve read some write-ups in some computer magazines (both PC and Mac-centric) and the consensus seems to be that everything works really well. My old office had some Macbook Pros and an iMac and had success with both Boot Camp and Parallels (Parallels lets you run Windows programs within OSX, provided that they don’t require 3d graphics acceleration). It seems like the Intel Macs are comparable to similarly priced and equipped Windows machines (which they should be, since most hardware is the same), but with the advantage of being able to use OSX.

I’d say that if you like OSX or are committed to it because of Mac-specific software, then the new Macs really are the best of both worlds.

Hey whitecollar. I have a good frined running Alias Studiotools and Solidworks with a bootcamp install on an Intel iMac. Says it runs great. That said, the MacbookPro should run it fine too. The Macbook, however probably doesn’t have the graphics capability. I would go for the Macbook pro.

Cool, thanks guys!!

Yeah, top-of-the-line Macbook Pro is the one I’m going to go with. After seeing how well Apples perform and their attention to detail, it’s clearly evident they are a far superior product. (Using a Dell Precision M70 with 2GB Ram now.) The Dell will remain at the office, and I’ll use the Mac for freelance stuff. On top of the $3K for the Apple, i still need to plop down about $3K for software. Ouch!!!

Hey guys, theres only one problem. Now Apple is realeasing Boot Camp on the new up coming Mac OSX Leopard (don’t argue with me, heres the link) macOS Monterey - Apple (CA) - so yes if they do that, there is a problem. Why? Because Mircosoft is coming out with the all new Windows Vista early nest year, I think thats when the new Mac OSX Leopard is comng out too(around that time). Well if they put Boot Camp on the new OSX then we won’t be able to use new Windows Vista. Thats going to suck. I think they should wait and be patient. And don’t tell me that XP is alright theres no need for a new Vista, cause you don’t know that, infact nobody does.

im posting this on a an intel macbook17. heres what ive found using windows on it:

I only started experimenting with windows earlierthis week but reaserched it in a bit of depth before i decided to add it. To be honest even as a life long pc user after a month of using a mac im fnding it hard to get excited about running a slow ugly OS that hogs resources on the macbook, but heres my 2 cents.

Before you even get into installing windows, dont worry about having to install any non universal software like Adobe in windows because despite what you may have heard about non native software, rosetta will make your intel machine handle it FINE, and at relatively professional speeds not domestic. Now…

The machine can handle windows shockingly well. I wouldnt recomend boot camp, It functional but theres still some problems to iron out & if your going to comit to partitioning your hard drive like that it dosent seem fair to have to suffer whats essentially still a beta method of running windows.

The alternative im using is a program called parallels, it runs windows as an aplication within OSX, you dont need to restart your mac, log out of your user or anything, simply run windows within a window itself, or choose to aply it as a full screen & then OSX takes a step back and runs silently in the background. you can still leave all your mac aplications open and have all week been multi tasking & using both OS’s simultaneously. for example its possible and not challenging for your mac to run studio max in windows & adobe software in OSX while dragging files from one system to the other.
Parallels isnt perfect but is too easy to be argued with, to install parallels takes a few meg of disk space, and it takes the seperate OS be it linux or windows and compresses it into 1 file (windows is about 2 gig for me) so your entire OS consists of 3 or 4 files and not thousands, therefore uninstalling windows is as easy as dragging 1 file into the trash folder.

Also yeah leopard is going to encorporate boot camp, the debugged version. but who cares when Windows Vista will support EFI, and Apple has no plans to directly block Windows from working on the new intel macs. So even now 6 months previous to release, were being given a green light for vista on the mac.
but more to the point, dosent anyone whos used OSX also see vista as a slightly weak microsoft attempt to incorporate a more streamlined look & some apple tweaks into the skeleton of a dated OS. almost every new feature of vista from the spotlight search rip to the new navigation feature seems has been running hapily in tiger for over a year. As a package some of the file organisation of vista does look to be more advanced than that of tiger, an operating system thats been available for time now, but thats to be expected, id love to see what apple have developed to retaliate to that.

Anyway compatability between microsoft and apple is a destination were heading towards much quicker now thanks to alot of software companies & the future plans for the OS’s themselves. If your concerned about taking the plunge over to mac, or just over to an intel machine, id say brave it. Im considering it one of the best things ive done this year so far, and glad to have got it out of the way now since it was inevitably going to happen.
sorry about my awfull spelling. and no i dont get commission from apple for this.