books on sketching skliz...?

hi ppl…tv here…anyone of u have recommendations to sketching skliz books…(or any other medium…)…needing them to guide me for a better skill workout…

thnax… :wink:

:smiley: If you can check out Rapid Viz by Hanks & Belliston. It is an old book but you may find one used on amazon.

I personally don’t recommend spending the money on Rapid Viz. It’s not expensive, but I find a lot of it borrowed from other sources.

You can get a good bit of the tutorials from actually. Well, perspective is the most important thing you need to grasp. If there is a perspective class in your school, take it and make sure you put in lots of effort into it. BE patient, it may be boring but you won’t regard it.


I didn’t know much about drawing and I found Rapid Viz to be helpful. Plus it was pretty cheap.

Yo, have you used/referenced any of the Gnomon books/DVDS? Any insight into which you think would be most useful to beginners?

thanx ppl for all those helpful recommendations…
btw…YO…how long have u been doing such renderings on digital platform (as shown in the demo u posted)…its awesome…n isit done with tablet…?

again thanx ppl… :slight_smile:

Just a couple of years now, I do use a tablet.

Quick & Easy Solutions to Marker Techniques - Yoshiharu Shimizu

probably my old favorite.

Anyone know where you can pick this book up cheap (like the original price $40-$50)? Everywhere I look it’s like $350+, due to the fact that it is no longer in print.

Quick and Easy Solutions to Marker Techniques
Yoshihru Shimizu

DesignStudioPress all the way! I took a six week course from Scott R a couple years ago and was blown away. You may not like his subject matter, but his skills are absolutely AMAZING! Any of his dvd’s from gnomom would be worth it. If your not into dvds, wait until his book, “how to draw vehicles” is out. He was working on it when I took his course and should be worth the wait.

try robertson’s book…drawing cars the hot wheels way. It goes through a lot of the stuff in his dvds…the whole draw through method. Also has a very good section on why/how cars reflect light.


Shimizu’s most recent book, New Marker Technique, is still available from Amazon, for $45. I bought it directly at Art Center, for a much more reasonable $25, but I doubt they do orders.

If you’re really interested, I could be talked into a) seeing if it’s still there, and b) getting it and sending it your way.

Get back to me if you’re interested…



I ordered Shimizu’s New Marker Techniques from Amazon and waited about 4 months before they cancelled the order because they were unable to obtain a copy of the book.

just a warning, I’m still looking for a copy.

I read this book some time back:

“How to draw cars like a pro”

  • It does contain some basics regarding perspective generally and with refernce to automobile design also

Some more interesting works include “Art of Star wars” where in more futuristic wars are drawn and painted on paper. truly inspirational work.

Basic perspective principles have also been cleared up by author “Robert.W. Gill” (i guess I spelled it right…!) in his Sketching books and journals

some great stuff in here:

Look at lots of comic book artists’ sketches. How they created perspectives and line works. ID sketch is of course different form, but in art, drawings are all from basic knowledge and practice.
Also go get some books about classical artists’ books on their drawings. Follow their line and shading techniques.
Take classes at local art school on anatomy drawing to still life drawing. Products are for human, and if you don’t know how our body structure is formed, rendering products stuffs are actually meaningless.
Books from Japanese artists and other International art magazines will be very helpful. I especially like Katsuya Terada who designs characters for games and comics.
Practice on large sketch book pad on an easel to make hundredth of straight lines-horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Layer it as graph paper. You will at list spend sometime doing this for an hour each day. This will teach you to draw straight lines without using large straight rulers.

I know this is an old post, but I bought this book back in school:

Drawing and Designing with Confidence : A Step-By-Step Guide by Mike W. Lin ISBN: 0-471-28390-8

Contents are:

  1. Loose vs Tight
  2. Principles of Good Graphics
  3. Rendering Techniques
  4. Rendering Types
  5. Lettering
  6. Entourage
  7. Perspective Drawing
  8. How to Sketch (small chapter, I wish there was more)
  9. Design Process

I have found this book to helpful

P.S. Not that I have a wealth of knowledge or library of sketching, but I am surprised this thread hasn’t grown larger than it has.

After posting on friday I went out and did some research this weekend. I went to the main branch of the public library here in pittsburgh. I thought since it is right smack dab in the middle of U of Pitt and Carnegie Mellon U it would have some great books on sketching and etc… I browsed through the contents pretty thoroughly only to find one book “Speed Sketching” by William T. Lent. The books is pretty dated, 1978. I also went to Barnes & Noble and Half Priced Books. When I got back home I browsed the internet to find shit as well. Most books are based on drawing the human figure, landscapes, still life, etc… I did more research here finding links to “The GNOMON Workshop”. I am convinced sketching books are a thing of the past due to the fact that these DVD’s can instruct the entire process with video + audio instead of a book’s step-by-step images and text.

So to get to the point, which of these videos are best for product designers? Which releate more to us opposed to special FX, animators, architects, interior designers, etc… I just want to make sure I buy the correct videos without being able to preview them.

If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it. Thanks!

This book is specificly made to cover industrial design sketches: