Books on production methods+materials?

Hi are there any books in existence that are a part reference part reading that primarily deals with production methods and materials? I know this might sound vague but I feel like I need to bone up on my knowledge in that area and it’s always great to know whats out there so you can have more authority over choices. Thanks.

I just stocked up our library at work!

I really like Making It:manufacturing techniques for product design

It gives simple examples of about 100 manufacturing processes. From classic to cutting edge.

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“Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals” has become an invaluable resource at my company. It is very well laid out with a ton of application photos and illustrations.

This is the best book ever – by a LONG shot – on the subject. I would have paid twice as much; its that good. Just get it.

Agreed. The author was a tutor of mine, really knows his stuff. Got the book as well, really went illustrated and fantastic case studies. His research for this book was beyond epic.

Chris Lefteri (author of Making It and loads of other materials books) is also a past tutor but never really created valuable books for designers, more coffee-table materials books.