Books on infographics

I was wondering if some of you know of any great books on infographic and creating them? I am doing quite a bit of design strategy work now and seem to be putting a lot of these matrices and graphs together showing consumer behaviors and patterns. Any good books you guys can suggest would be great.

Edward Tufte (of course…): Edward Tufte: Books - The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Data Flow: Data Flow | Designer's Review of Books

Anyone know of any good tutorials for info-graphics ?

This is a very good site, some beautiful graphics. Saves you buying a book if you are just looking for inspiration.

“The Visual Miscellaneum” is an absolutely amazing book and well worth the sub $20 price tag on amazon.


Thanks guys.

SmartWorks: that site is great. I do have to say that there is a fine balance of creating what I call “infoart” and a good infographic that communicates data. You have to be very carful with this. Remember the goal of the image is to make data or information able to be interpreted faster and easier.

Thanks again guys.

True, It is a very blurry line.

Universal Principles of Design, end of discussion. :laughing: