Books on Form Development and Design Language?

I’m looking for good books which relate to form and how designers in the past have developed a design language for a brand or for their own work.

For instance, Dieter Rams has his 10 commandments - I’d love to see books that really explain how he went through the process of selecting a shape and determining all the details that made those Braun products so great.

Any suggestions?

Rowena Kostellow Reed - Elements of Design; Geometry of Design. Buy them both at Amazon for $29.86, lol.

Great suggestions! Keep em coming!

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Del Coates

+1 on Rowena’s book. I am still wrapping my head around it, but I find it more valuable than I ever imagined.

I got a hold of Elements of Design and am really loving it. I wonder if there are more along this vein?

along with the already suggested Elements of design there are two others that i had in my 3d class -

The Art of Three-Dimensional Design by Louis Wolchonok - this one is kindof dated in it’s style and examples but the principles are and will always be good.

Architecture: Form, Space, & Order by Francis D. Ching - although this book is written for architectural students the sections on drawing, proportion, and spatial relationships are really good -


An important part of Elements of Design is actually doing the exercises. It’s probably tough to do them on your own but, in order to start getting the most out of the ideas, it’s integral to explore them. Try the 3 rectilinear forms exercise.

If you can really connect with the language & principles, and this may sound hokey, it can change the way you look at everything. : ) And this is coming from someone who scoffed at it for a year and a half. I really wish I could go back to Pratt with the eyes I have now and do all of the exercises over again.

i’m just throwing some of these out off the top of my head. not all may be applicable…

Decoding Design

maybe some books on Calatrava’s work

i’m sure karim rashid writes on the topic on his books

TED video of ross lovegrove