Books for design thinking/ID

Hi guys,

Do you have any book recommendation for design thinking/creativity or industrial design?
I would also love to read non-design books that have inspired and shaped you as a great person.


Here are a few :
The Art of Innovation (Tom Kelley, IDEO): examples of how IDEO applied their process to problems; discusses various aspects to design thinking.

Ten Faces of Innovation (Tom Kelley, IDEO): probably a good follow-up to the above book; though not strictly about design thinking, it talks about the various human roles in the process

Design Driven Innovation (Roberto Verganti): a different take on design-led innovation

The Design of Business (Roger Martin): applying design thinking to business strategies and complementing analytical thinking

Fine Line (Hartmut Esslinger, frog design): frog’s design thinking methods and applications to real problems

Change by Design (Tim Brown): IMHO, if you’ve read the above, you won’t need this. But if you want a gentle introduction to the field’s promise, begin with this.

IDEO’s Human-Centered Design Toolkit: very usable guide to practising design thinking

The Bootcamp Bootleg: again strictly, not a book, but a handy manual.

Books by Donald Norman are classics in design reading, and could be useful to read as part of this list.