Book Recommendation: Manufacturing Guides - Rob Thompson

I am looking at buying “Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals” by Rob Thompson

I was also thinking of getting his new book “Prototyping and Low-volume Production” by Rob Thompson

I am just curious to know if anyone has seen his new book and whether it has additional information or is worth getting as well as “Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals”


“Prototyping and Low-volume Production” contains only a small part of information that you can find in “Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals”. Only some techniques suitable for low-volume production are mentioned in the first book, techniques that require complex factory operations were left out. Only thing I could not find in the second book are chapters on Lost Wax Casting and Flocking, but maybe they are hidden somewhere inside too…Photos, description and production examples are same in both books, so you really do not need both of them, get “Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals”.

Cheers for that Misha_Maly. I will only get his first book for now:)

They’re really good books, but I agree that there is a bit of overlap between the two. I got both anyways because they’re so well-illustrated.