Bonding/Gluing SLA Parts

What is the best glue for bonding SLA parts together? Any suggestions?

would probably help to know what kind of machine and substrate you are using



The SLA material is Accura 50.

What would be the recommended glue for bonding 2 Accura 50 SLA parts together? Brand would be helpful.

Do I need to do any special surface prep?

Thanks for your advice.

Silicone adhesive works. No surface prep is needed. It will fill any gaps, but be aware, its pretty thick.
Also Gorilla Glue will work, but best for urethane castings, I’ve found.

regular ole Zap a Gap, the thicker gap filling one, works fine.

Another vote for CA, just make sure you have a needle applicator, that stuff seems to have a viscosity of zero. It can get everywhere.

We use ZAP CA also, but we use the thin stuff with a touch of baking soda! Try it and you will be a convert for sure. Scuff up your Accura 50 parts with some sandpaper before you use any kind of glue. The baking soda will kick the superglue and is just fun to work with. Also, you can always use a good 5min epoxy for those parts that really need to stick together (some kind of stressed part). Hope that helps -

Agreed. Superglue or 5 min epoxy. Just used 5 min epoxy this morning for some parts that had t o withstand a certain psi.