Bombay Sapphire Martini Glass Design

After visiting the (US) Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition website, which glass did you like the best?

  • Palletini - Michael Kritzer
  • Last Drop - Lee Fain
  • Take Two - Quan Li
  • Yes, No, Maybe - Michael Roller
  • Mingle - Adran Nakagawa
  • Bloom - Nicholas Blair
  • Spirit Glass - Emilie Baltz
  • Pool of Infinity - Grace Kim
  • Daffodil - Nicholas Womeldorff
  • Dip - Eric Mackey

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My Entry:

“Mingle” combines the iconic form of the martini glass and a user centric design approach. “Mingle” consists of a double-walled glass bowl that insulates a cool drink from warm fingers. The bowl can be set in the base when the drinker is not holding or drinking from it and serves as a coaster as well. Best of all, the two-piece construction allows the unit to be broken down and compactly stored. “Mingle” allows you to do exactly that - the next time you’re at a party.

Some History:
About a month ago I entered the Bombay Sapphire Martini Glass Competition. They were supposed to notify the winners a week after the competition ended so when I didn’t hear back from them I was really disappointed . I know it’s really difficult to win any design competition with all the great talent out there, but I felt my design really made sense. The solution was a perfect balance of form, function and synergy.

I was jumping out of my skin when I notified that I placed as a top ten finalist and that the winners would be decided by public vote. Maybe this will be the break that I’ve been working toward.

Vote Soon There’s Still Time:
Please visit and vote for “Mingle”. I am also interested in your design feedback.

Thanks, wish me luck.


Top ten huh? How did it pan out?.. I would suggest a glossy plastic finish for the glass holder…the wood grain doesn’t seem to jive with me…maybe black or white gloss…lacquer type finishes…oooo a nice hot red…very sexy…the alcohol category is all about luxury and high end finishes…something you can show off at home/bar accessories…what if the instead of empty space inside the holder you have an ice tray effect…like an ice cube tray…transparent plastic with…that way your martini glass can stay cold…ideal for martini…you want it to stay chill…also the wood design…will soak up the condensation…over time the wood will expand and get bloated…wet wood…sometimes not so good…unless you have a really thick glossy varnish that is dishwashable…most wood products like wood spoon and spatulas…dont have varnishes or laminates because that doesnt jive with dish washing or dishwashers…think about that…hope I’m being constructive and not destructive…my friend and I have been very interested in designing a martini glass for quite some time now. and we’ve put our share of brain time on this…wish we could’ve entered that competition…bummer

Dish-washable, that’s a great insight! Mingle would ideally be made from mahogany veneer that would be stained and finished with a clear coating. Thou, I do like the idea of black, white, red or even clear plastic for the base, I have a soft spot for bent hardwood plywood.