Bombay Sapphire Glass Design Contest?

I graduated in June of 2003 and they will not accept entries for this contest from those who graduated before December 31 2003. So my question is why is there a cut off date post graduation for this contest? Are they trying to help out younger designers with their careers? I’m curious…

I imagine that is the case, getting that kind of recognition can help a career out quite a bit, I imagine.

Also, what is the deal with the contest being VOID in California, Utah, and more importantly (to me, anyway), Pennsylvania?

I graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, but currently live in Saint Louis. So I sure would like to know why Cali and Penn are excluded from the contest? I can kind of understand Utah with all their strick rules and regulations with alcohol. I tried to ask Bombay in the “contact us” section about the cut off date, but when I went to click submit it told me my time had expired and I should try re-submitting again at a later time. How knows?