Bombay Sapphire Design Competition

Hi Design Friends -

I just wanted to invite everyone on the Core boards to vote for the People’s Choice Award for this year’s Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Competition. Besides just me, I’m sure all the other finalists who would appreciate your support.

But just so this is a discussion and not *just a pitch - which celeb designer do you want to see do another glass for Bombay? My vote goes to Patricia Urquiola - I would love to how her work (Leaf chair) translates into a glass piece.

Please Vote!

Thanks for the heads up.

Any other Core people out there finalists for this comp? If so, weigh in!

Hey Mike, we met briefly teaching at CCAD. I’m a finalist this year.

It’s a fun competition…I’m excited to see how it ends up. There are some good ideas this year.


it is a cool competition indeed.

…surprising that some of the renderings are pretty bad though…

Yeah, I noticed that. But it does mean that a wider audience can compete if they have a good idea rather than just those capable of producing a hot rendering.

The judges like to pick really quirky ones anyone, so you never know what will happen.


Hey congrats you two, i’m a finalist as well with my design “Of the Vine”. I’ve been meaning to enter this one for the past couple of years, I had a good time with it.

Right now i’m working on a design for the Swarovski crystal competition, working with glass/crystal is fun!

Best of luck to you!

holy lens flare(s) john vajda HAHA

Some interesting interpretations there and some good work.
Yeah, some of the renderings are pretty bad, they must think they will look great when made by their glass blowers I guess.

I had a concept and was all pumped about finally entering this comp, but I did not meet the elgibility requirements this time around.

Guess I’ll go back and get a master’s so I can “renew” my elegibility :wink:

Jonathan - I see you moved to Montreal. How do you like it there, what’s it like?

Well, I changed the location on my profile a little early. The move is two weeks away. But from what I’ve seen in my trips there so far, I love it. It’s urban, European, and liberal - all things I like in a city. As well as very supportive of the design/art community.

I’ll have to report back in a few months to see how I feel then.

Best of luck in the comp.