Bombay Sapphire Competition

Hey, anybody ever entrt this before? The rules read a bit funny.

It says you have to be 21 years or older, OK, got that, but that you have to have graduated no earlier than 1999? But on the entry form, where you put your graduation date in, you can go back as early as 1903.

It seems like a good one, but I don’t want to burn time on it if I get disqualified for graduating in 1998.

Here’s the rules page

whats more surprising for being a public competition is the fact that only natives from Canada, Russia (ok they do the drinkbussiness seriously), Singapore (???), Spain and the U.S.

can take part of this competition.

so being an UK resident doesnt help.


and if you dont accept the terms of that site you get this:

give me a break…thats all bulls**t IMHO


Yeah if you graduated in 1998 sounds like youre not eligible. the website signup is probably established code thats used on forms, so itll go back to 1903 or whatever.

sorry! but there are plenty other competitions you can enter (like the peugeot competition…)

Man, they are really narrowing the entrants eh? Over 21, graduated after 1999, and from only 5 questions.

Some people get all the luck.

I’m russian, live in Canada, turned 21 yesterday and finished school last summer.

Well at least Canada is now accepted. It wasn’t last year, it was only US and singapore.