bombay sapphire competition

i see that the bombay sapphire competition has posted its top ten for the US. what do you guys think of their choices and which ones do you like?

this should make for an interesting debate

/stirring pot…

Do you know if they actually did disqualify california entrants?

severely unimpressed. most seem like simple form exercise. no innovation or cleverness of thought at least.

I vote for “slim.”

I think that styling should not be exluded, but innovation is lacking I agree.

I would vote for balnce or martini ring.

I want to say I like caress, but I can’t get away from thinking it would be like drinking from a urinal.


i like bloque. it reminds me of Lissitzky’s ‘avec le coin rouge, bats les blancs’ or ‘red triangle breaking white circle’ ( i think that is the translation…)

to tell you guys the truth, none of the glasses stood out to me, except “bloque”. Upon first viewing, one may think anyone can do that. However, the more I looked at it, the more intrrguing it becomes. The almost abnomally big base produces a myriad of refracted facets of lights and images that sort of lulls the viewer. The bloque’s design is so bold that it reminds me of, dare I say it, Air Jordans. A weird sort of designed ugliness that shocks at first but slowly grows on you…

I don’t particularly think any of the designs were very well thought out. Some of them are visually interesting, but I don’t want to poke my eye out trying to drink my martini.
I do like Tango, it is an interesting take on a cocktail glass. I think the concept of a pair of drinks is entertaining. Kinda reflects the whiskey goggle phenomenon.
Just a thought

Caress won.

what a horrible competition. I can’t believe the top three finalist are representing the next generation of US design talent on a international stage.

More accurate, those responsible for choosing the judges need to be removed before next year. Also, they really do need to lift their California ban.

The designs are at best average (don’t want to slam/discourage those designers) but are no where close to being exceptional.