Bogus offers for employment?

Have you been contacted through your coroflot portfolio by someone who seems to be interested in your work, only to have it go nowhere or even go bad? I have had some people contact me and I don’t want to turn away work, but I don’t seem to ever hear back from anyone. Any ideas? Thanks.

I’ve gotten 90% of my freelance work through core. Occasionally I’ll get some random requests but it mostly seems like it might be someone just checking out their options or going rates. Also, business comes and goes and the person might have been gearing up for a project in the works that then didn’t pan out.
If anyone contacts you, do research on them also. Check the corefolios to see who else has worked with them, what people on the boards have to say about them from past posts, check out their website, etc…

I get alot of enquiries that come to nothing. It’s human nature, they sound dead mad keen, then you never hear from them again. Yes it can drive you mad. People often don’t even think to drop you an email to say, ‘thanks but no thanks’ but that’s it with freelance, sometimes you are made to feel like you don’t exist! I was furious when someone actually stood me up for a meeting this year.

As a freelancer, to protect myself I…

Try and find out a bit more about them and the project before I disclose anything about my side of the project, I don’t talk about rates or send them any work til I’m pretty sure about them. I’m generally very discreet about who I’m working for currently.

Get them to call you, have a proper conversation.

Never send out new work if they ask for examples - theres a chance they’ll use it and not pay you and you’ll never hear from them again. If you have it it’s better to send out examples of old work you did thats been out in the market place. It’s worthless to them. If they want new work, they’ll have to pay you. I often suggest we do a days work as a ‘trial’ and they pay us upfront.

Perhaps if you’re new to this you wouldn’t consider this, but I use a debt collection /credit checking agency. If it looks like being a big project, I have them credit checked first. I always ask for money upfront and if they are outside of the EU, I ask for stage payments, they are not offered any credit, because I don’t have EU law to protect me (we’re in the UK).

I never work without a contract.

Finally if you are getting enquiries , well done. You will get some work eventually, but you will get lots and lots of enquiries that come to nothing. It used to annoy me first and I thought it was just me that got it, but everyone does. So best to just chill on it.

Thanks for the advice. I was just afraid that I was getting scammed, but it seems like a few of the requests may eventually be legit. I’ll just keep checking out the opportunities as they come. Cheers.

I have been contacted by many recruiters through my coroflot portfolio. Always nice to keep handy. I was contacted by a large toy company once who wanted to interview me. The interviewer made it very clear that they would not go beyond 15% of what I currently made. They also stated that all travel expenses incurred during the interview process would be paid by me. Oh and there was no relocation reimbursement either.

So I just hung up the phone.

The fastest interview I’ve ever had.


Wow, thats pretty amazing. I find that it is pretty common that people don’t like really paying for what they expect to get. My favorite line is “It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is (blank).” Oh well… :unamused: