>>> Board Updates

Hey everyone.

A big upgrade to our little community will be going on tonight, so the boards will be down for a bit.

According to Will, who keeps this whole thing running:

Thanks for your patience everyone, see you on the other side.

More time to learn about this Twitter thing :wink:

About 15 more minutes . . .


Still transferring files. Your avatars and attachments will be available soon.

Things may be a bit laggy and slow while these files are uploading.

Nice facelift! The new template seems to have smaller+tighter text, that or I got old overnight. Also, beat you all to an avatar, woo! :laughing:

Not really feeling it. I’m finding it harder to quickly focus in on areas, not sure why. Also I’m seeing that some peoples attachments are bigger than the box that’s being allowed for it so you have to scroll around to see the whole image, like the last post in the pepsico/arnell thread. I could imagine that getting really annoying quickly for us since we post lots of images on the boards. Grrrr :frowning:

Nice look guys…

Guess you ditched the “YouTube” posting feature, and the U/Ns and Avatars on the right still have me slamming my eyes back and forth across the screen searching for them, but I’ll adapt.

Kind of a round-about way of posting a “YouTube” link … does an easier method come to mind?


[/url ]


](1 Hr Design Challenge @ Core77 - YouTube)

There will be a YouTube feature very soon.

Just place the code after the = sign:
So the url is


So you would do this:


And get this:

Looks like I have some js errors with the BB code buttons.

Give me some time and I’ll get all the bugs worked out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience.


I imagine this is on your list … I’m getting “topic reply” notifications (various topics) to my e-mail address from your address

FYI . … . no need to acknowledge.

Lmo Thank you for the heads up.

BBcode buttons are fixed. Sorry about that.

I like those background colors - post …little detailing…separation… crispness…
this is turning out to be …very pleasant & soothing…
good work

I replaced the buttons on the top right of the post. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ^

Hard refresh your browser “Ctrl + F5” or clear the browser cache to see them.

No Discussion feed on the front page?

Why aren’t the newer discussions on the main core page anymore? Thats how I used to do most of my browsing. Now I actually have to go into discussions and scroll through all the old and boring discussions.

Have you posted a user-guide/legend for these new icons?

Or have I missed it?

Just to let you guys know…We are working out the details. So sit tight and we will let you know what is going on.