Board re-design

These things are HUGE!! It makes the main area cramped and cluttered.


The new design is great guys, just thought I’d throw that out there.

I’d venture to guess that they’re that big for handheld (aka iPhone) navigation.

That and it’s an aesthetic decision to make it more graphic. Things are more spread out now with more white space, and less cramped, so not sure how you feel it’s cluttered.


I think that’s the only thing that’s bothering me right now. The rest of it I really love.

I dropped it down 25%, which may be too much, but the box lines up with the text to the right pretty well, and there is still plenty of breathing room between topics. I think the “cramped, cluttered” feeling is coming from the point on the word bubble comes so close to the line below it. Honestly, I don’t expect you to change anything because you’ve spent lots of time developing this, and on your own time at that. I’m just throwing this out there…

Looks pretty. Something for sure to consider. For now we are collecting feedback and letting people “live with it” for a while, then will be looking to see what changes we can make. We appreciate the comments and thanks for the mockup.


maybe late to the game here but…

Heading text and icons are HUGE, overpowering… what’s with the giant square bubbles?? That’s a lot of pixels for almost no information.

heading text / copy text size disparity also makes it impossible to track the page quickly.

When I first noticed the re-design, I wondered, ‘why so big?’ - then I realized on an image heavy page it was actually quite convenient to be reminded of the thread title, no matter where you are. Props guys. I also really appreciate the nice big reply link, as well as the large profile/website icons under the avatar.

Well, if you’re going to make changes to the sizing, I think the current stylesheet should still be served to mobile platforms. I don’t know if the site is able to do that, but it IS definately more usable on phones currently. (though page buttons are sometimes finicky)

What I mean is they are distracting. I can’t NOT see them!
It should be there but not noticed so much. It’s like a huge wall that grinds my left eyeball!! :laughing:

Because of the size, color and proximity to each other, they blend together. Rather than seeing individual posts, I see a long continuous pattern down the left side of the page.

Anyway, that’s my 2¢

It’s been mentioned before, but maybe Core77 needs an iPhone or mobile app… then it wouldn’t need to be optimized for both

I believe CG had some ideas about RSS readers that were already available for reading core posts, and I know IPhone developers are more and more common… maybe something could be swizzeled together for a first pass application

PS - Great job on the re-design R (and to all the others involved). It was a big change for me at first but I think it’s a lot better representation of a designers forum

I’ve actually never understood all these iphone “optimized” sites. The iphone has a great browser and I find the best browsing experience is using the normal site (with a few exceptions such as if there are tiny buttons or flash). I browse a lot on my phone, and it annoys the hell out of me when I’m automatically directed to a crappy mobile site that has no pictures, no layout and less functionality… maybe it’s just me.


I actually meant a download & install iPhone application… laid out for the iphone screen and using some iphone style usability to navigate. Way more complicated I know, but I can still want one right?

The only reason I mention it is because from what was said, the size of some of the interface elements are they way they are due to the way it looks on an iphone screen, and people seem to think they are a bit large. They are slightly large to me as well, but overall I think it’s great new look

PS, I’ve had to downgrade from the iPhone temporarily and you don’t even want to think about the forums on this little crap mobile browser I have now… it’s hopeless! I can’t wait til my iphone gets back to me

Have you guys considered or tried the tapatalk-plugin? We use it at and its pretty convenient.

Worth to mention though that our forum is a bit more cluttered in browser-mode than what core is…

That’s what I was talking about… a better mobile Core77.

Great suggestion

another idea… in the hierarchy of the page, the “View new posts” button is the first and most common one I hit.

Could be like this for other regular visitors as well - if that’s the case, the button could be a bit more accessible

You know what I’m really loving?
Aviary core77-com Picture 1.png
The subtle mouse over change to light red on these two links. It’s very clean and simple. I don’t know why I’m so impressed with such a simple classic navigation tool, but nice job who ever chose that.

I just wanted to lift the idea of more smartphone friendly plugins out in to the light again.

I have been using tapatalk for quite some time now and it’s working vey very well now. I really recommend you to try it out for yourself. It makes browsing larger forums like this simpler and a lot faster.

It’s around for both android and ios as well.

Tapatalk installed - TapaTalk now available on core boards

Thanks a million Will! Made my day!