board game manufacturing

I am trying to get some quotes and am in the process of selecting a manufacturer.

Does anyone have any insights regarding board games? (I already have a few of the popular books on the subject)

OR just selecting and dealing with manufacturers in general?

There is a piece the size of a hotdog (simple clamshell with snap fits) and 8 small pieces that you move around the board.

How much would plastic injection molding cost for a hotdog sized piece? and the 8 small player’s pieces? What about the print job and production of the standard 19" x 19" board?

Thanks a ton.

(also, as an IDer, I would love to just revamp and come up with a whole new look of board games, rather than the 50 year old typical board game bi-fold board, standard rectangle box size, and the boring look of board games… any ideas off top of heads?)

… any ideas off top of heads?

thought you were the designer.

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Sounds to me like you haven’t looked at board games lately. Many of the major manufacturers are folding thier board in quarters. Its all about how the stuff fits on the shelf. If you game stacks strangely because of size Walmart, Target and Toys R Us may not buy your product.

Board games are mainly about good gameplay and/or a good licenceed property. The shape of the board/box is not the place to start.

well of course, that wasn’t the primary focus.
I initially wanted some advice on dealing with vendors, typical cost of a injec mold plastic piece, and marketing the prototype.
Then I wanted some feedback and sugestions on differentiating.

either way, thanks for replying.

And yea, I’ve seen some quarter fold boards… they’re sweet.