Board game design

Hello, i am a mechanical designer, and am currently looking at developing a board game, on par with monopoly, risk, and the like. I am a fair artist, but mostly a sketcher. I would like to know if anyone has had experience with board game design and has any input on what elements of the procedure would be. Any idea on the type of art supply’s and things needed to make the prototype. Also, who would i contact when it comes time to have it “printed” etc. Do you have any other resources you could suggest for me in this endeavor.

Thanks very much for you input.

1st, Do you have your idea: documented/patented/copywrited?
2nd, contact a freelance toydesigner to show you the ropes.
3rd, good luck

I worked in the game industry for 6 years, designing for the top dogs in-house. Just a few quick tips:

  1. the previous guy was right on, copyright everything and have all documentation dated.
  2. when creating the final prototype, print out the gameboard on a color copier(kinkos) and spray mount to either some foam-core or an existing gameboard with the same(or close) dimensions.
  3. Make sure that the gameplay is clear, and FUN! There’s certain rules for gameplay when it comes to boardgames. The more simploe, the better.
  4. Make sure you have identified the age range and that the gameplay is appropriate to that age.
  5. for game pieces, try to get them modeled(SLA or wax modeler) if you can’t do that, just print them out on color copier and mount them on foam core, then add some existing footer from another game.

These are just a few quick tips, but if you need more input/help, just email me at