Having seen the collaboration of two of my favourite automotive icons
I just couldn’t resist to give it a pat on the back. (or two)

Z4 Zagato Animation.gif

A new Coupe could make an attracitive addition to the BMW line, but
the one presented at lake Como seemed a little to bulbous for my liking.

What are you thinking?


nice job, you are definately right about that part.
while i like the rest of the car, i also think that this “black glass” part at the back makes it seem like an 20 year old concept…

Good call on the proportions mo-i, your suggestion looks way better.
Now if you can speed up your GIF that thing would be twerking.

I like the car a lot overall… I’d buy it!

Right on the bat, mo-i! I got all excited seeing the car for the first time up until the sideview and then the 3quarter back view made me cry. Way too much junk in the trunk for my taste. Your alteration is much needed.

Some other details are also slightly too ‘fat’ for my taste. Lean frame but thick skin?