BMW takes the Ultimate Driving Machine to heights

…installing elevated infiniti-loop track over exhibit at upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

Interview with Wolfram Greiner – manager for BMW Group trade fair presentations.

Construction photos of the 280 meter track.

Pretty spectacular for a trade show. Germany, safety, regulations, labor, engineering, insurance.

I would ballpark the cost of the track portion of the temporary tradeshow booth to be between 1 and 2 million Euros, guessing closer to 2 million Euros.

BMW has communicated to me therefore that they are doing very very well in business at this time.

If drifting is possible on this track than the combined construction / insurance bill is over 2 million Euros.

Shaw: The render only shows the i car on the track, so drifting maybe limited.

Ray, good observation. My cost estimates are 60% too high in that case.

Then again, BMW drivers are d-bags who might try hand brake turns. Add the 60% back in! hehe!

What’s wrong with hand brake turns? :mrgreen:

d-bags??? I hate being part of a stereotyped group. I only drive like a d-bag in the M3…in the X5 I am calm, polite and drive at reasonable speeds.

Something about a super fast car brings out the d-bag in all of us… you just get used to the power and you want to use it, and your brain automatically starts to say “you can fit in there, bob and weave through that, pop it down to second and pass that guy on the right lane going way too fast, it’s OK…”

Driving a loner car the other week I was reminded why most people don’t drive like that, it feels scary in an under-powered softly sprung car with no torque and a slow gearbox… and this was an A4 loaner.

Scott: If I remember correctly, your M3 is grandfathered into not-d-bag BMW.

yo: It is amazing how much vehicles can effect driving. This is why everyone should be forced to drive 4 banger Camry with automatics until they prove they aren’t d-bags and can apply to drive something cooler.

Power has never been the factor with me though. The factors with me driving more douche-y are experience with the car and noise level.

Yayy, many thanks!

Totally agree - aside from short stints in a Fiat X1/9 and a Camaro Z28, my ‘formative years’ car was a Hyundai Excel (new off the showroom floor for $7,795) - I became a much better driver having to overcome its limitations in acceleration, handling & braking!

I drive like a D-bag in my D-bag BMW, especially when I gotta get to the tanning salon or the gym before they close. #YOLO

My first car was 4 cylinder Buick Somerset Regal from the mid 80s… You had to plan out your acceleration, turning, and braking well in advance :wink:

At 16 I learned to drive stick in a 1965 Shelby Mustang.

At 17 I was turning laps at Blackhawk in my boss’s race-modified 427 Cobra.

At 18 I was open-wheel racing at Skip Barber.

At 24 I was trading best times with Brian Redman in a GT40. (not saying much, he was well into his 50s)

Needless to say, when I drive my 4 banger Mazda, I am always a d-bag.


Well, I can’t compete with that resumé iab, but from driving my four-banger '66 Lotus MkI Cortina at 19 to driving an my four-banger 1.9L '88 Ford Escort wagon (north American) now, I can say with a high degree of certainty that I’m tight on your 6 in the d’bag category. :wink:

I’ll keep up with ALL of you in the wife’s Prius! I drive that thing like an electric slot car, pun intended.