BMW M3 Art Car - Koons

Just checked it out over on Top Gear’s blog… sweet stuff.

They’ve also got a nice Gallery of all of them here:

yeah, for sure. Regardless of what you might think of the artist, that’s hot sh*t Even more so when compared to last years collab “concept”

saw this morning too. really like it.

It is one of the better art cars in recent years. There have been some great ones from decades past, this seem to get more to the spirit of BMW. Frankley I was surprised and impressed base on Koons’ portfolio of work. Food job Jeff! This was a departure!

I thought it was kinda obvious. I did a logo design in '98-'99 that was similar. Also there is this:

interesting to see it racing around at le mans

I’ve finished watching the first hour of Le Mans. I wish they showed the BMW more. Luckily, I know that the car nearly took out one of the leading Audi prototypes, so I’m sure I’ll see more of it in the near future!

yeah saw that, bit of a cock up and if the audi had written the bm off it would have been a waste