BMW M1 by Girmaud Gervex

Hi everyone !!

This Design Proposal is from Girmaud Gervex. Considering what BMW is doing right now I found it very refreshing. The proposal was made on Blender. Tried to attach images in certain order.

He was very kind on allowing this design to be shared with you. If I didn’t get it wrong he is working in with Lucid Motors right now.

Here is the link of his Instagram profile. and this is from his portfolio

Hope you like the project.

The rest of the images.

There are 4 images that are larger than they appear in the post. The 2 last ones from the first post, and the first 2 ones from the reply. Just by a click on the images, a larger one would appear.

oh dear god, is the world going full cybertruck?

It’s like Chris Bangle’s Cybertruck. I like it!

It looks like this designer works at Lucid motors so I’m adding the Lucid design here. Would you know they share a designer? I’m sure Lucid has many, but it’s fun to consider- I see some familiarity around the greenhouse at the rear.

And here’s the OG M1. The way he brought so many familiar features into the cyber-future is cool. I like the concept wheels, but considering the inspiration, they could have been so much more interesting.

The louvres over the concept’s rear glass are so subtle in comparison.

I found very challenging to do 2 things:

  • Design a car form scratch. Harder if you are working for a brand without a previous heritage.
  • Re-Design a car that is Iconic.

At the end, the BMW iX is something strange for a lot of people, including myself. That vehicle is going into a Design Direction that only BMW knows really what they want to achieve.

I had acces to nearly 200 HiRes images about the BMW iX development including sketches and clay models, etc. But at first sight I found the concept of Girmaud Gervex a more interesting.proposal to look at.

Maybe because the M1 is more familiar as every iconic car is. Or maybe because the brand iX got design cues never seen before… like those cars designed from scratch.

Its funny how there is a door opening-side cut line, but no door hinge, or any other parting lines for that matter. Maybe its like the BMW GINA flex? /s

I like the Black Mirror / cyberfuture vibe as well. Even though this car has no mirrors.
Can’t say I like the rear. Well, I can say that I dislike it. The front isn’t there yet either in terms of curvature and detailing. But the idea is there. And the side view is great. Something in between the OG and this one would be better.

As a concept, I love it, but Ralph is right that it would probably be better if pulled back 10%

Slippyfish: I didn’t notice that missing shut line, good catch! That is some Bangle DNA right there. Neat how the designer managed to capture traditional BMW aesthetic, Bangle and something more futuristic. It’s kinda proof that it can be done!