BMW Gran Coupe

The new 7 (not this car) looks pretty good in pictures; much leaner and svelte than in the photos. I think this concept further refines it and looks great. It’s got nice long sweeping lines with a pretty aggressive face. I think the notched tail light + trunk lid relationship is finally starting to look good too.

pretty bad ass for sure. The back end feels like it is really working. The front is really strong as well, but I think I could do without those fractal like break ducts on the lower front corners.

the first car from münich that combines design elements from the BMW Concept CS and the Vision Efficient Dynamics.

like a lot the head lamps details and the rear view… Van Hooydonk is finally taking the design direction after “bangle’s age”

Think that Van Hooydonk indeed is doing a very nice job here with his team…

The hood on this image is looking very strange to me.

Wow! That back end is gorgeous looks like a mean machine! Shame about those horrible front ducts to Honda Civic for my tase.

after reading your post … I just imagine the car making a big sniff with the front side… like smelling the road…

You should see Nader Faghizadeh’s sketches for this car. Pure, pure poetry in motion. It’s almost like calligraphy.