BMW Gina Spandex


At the moment I am working on my final thesis on a styling project. In one of my concepts I would like to use spandex on some parts, but it seems inpossible to get a some more information about this material. Every company I got in touch with are mainly delivering to the fashion industry and they can not help me any further, obviously I also got in touch with BMW but they didnt help me any further either.
I am searching for a material with the same look, of this material which is highly strechable, waterproof, and seems to be coated. Would be great if anyone here had a name of a manufacturer where I can get a sample from, or at least some more info like a datasheet.



it might be that you mix something up here: “Spandex” is not used as a brand for textile mesh any more. As far as I can see it is only aimed at the printing industry and industrial filtration, but it once was a fashion brand. Part of the confusion is, that Bayer shifted their non pharmaceutical business under the roof of “Lanxess” and ventured into some strategic partnerships.

To cut a long story short the solutions you are looking for might be found today at:

A former Bayer company, that is now run with Asahi Kasei.

I surely hope, that someone can be of your assistance there.

yours mo-i
(written in cologne, some 20km from their headquarters…)

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!
Will get in touch with them.

can you use a type of vinyl? I know there are new and improved vinyl products that are commercial grade that don’t stain and are really durable.

plastic-coated lycra material

@Betz, i have got some high tech TPE’s lying here on my desk, they would also be quit suitable for the job indeed. Although I want to see and touch the spandex material because my guess is thats it is much better compared to the TPE’s.

I might have a meeting later this week in Germany.